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Good bye, Apple Computer

It’s just been announced minutes ago. Apple is no longer Apple Computer, Inc. but Apple, Inc. I had a bad feeling about this. When a whole MacWorld goes by and you see no mention of a Mac, things looked that way. In fact I was composing a post in my head with the title “Wasn’t […]

Wish list for Macworld 07

The yearly feast for the Mac fanatics, MacWorld San Francisco is around the corner. On January 9th we will know which of the wild rumours are true. I don’t want an Apple phone, I couldn’t care less about the iTV, true video iPods don’t interest me and neither do cinema displays with built-in webcams. I’m […]

The Mac guy goes out

Word is out that the Mac guy, Justin Long will no longer be doing commercials for the Apple “get a mac” series. The PC guy though, will still be around. Perfect time for a new PC ad: Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. PC: And I’m a PC. Say, you’re the second Mac aren’t you? Mac: […]

The giant awakens

Apple has been flaunting the advantages of Mac over Windows for quite a while now, be it using the “get a mac” ad campaign or via their cheeky (if not totally irresponsible) comments that Windows security is partly to blame for the virus that shipped with a few fifth generation iPods. Not to mention their […]

Battery back!

Last Friday, after exactly 5 weeks, I finally got my new Powerbook battery. I guess Apple gets their estimates right – they’d said it would take 4 – 6 weeks! An interesting observation – during the five weeks of torture, I so wanted to buy a new laptop. I was nearly at the edge of […]

Fedora Core 5 on Apple Powerbook G4

So, I decided to install Linux on my Powerbook G4 12″. Why? (Feel free to skip to the real install notes while I rant!) Recently, I’ve become slightly bored, slightly bugged with OS X. Nothing much wrong with OS X, just that I tend to do most of my work on Linux, and switching context […]

Dear Apple Computer

Today, you’ve thrilled the world. You’ve added battery life, capacity, movies and games to the iPod. So the teeming fans can waste their time in ever-more productive ways. You’ve made the iPod nano go pink, and anyone with the remotest inkling of taste go pale. The girls will sigh, and the boys will cry. You’ve […]

Apple’s new Macs

Apple has announced upgrades to iMacs and Mac minis. There’s now a 24″ iMac which is just awesome. Something that not many people have noticed – the iMacs have NVidia cards now, unlike the previous generation of Intel iMacs which had ATI cards. I wonder if this is the result of the AMD/ATI merger. Any […]

Painful battery recall

So as we all know, Apple followed Dell in recalling a large number of batteries. Although the number of batteries recalled by Apple is smaller (1.8 million against Dell’s 4+ million), in terms of market share thats a huge number for Apple and virtually every Powerbook 12″ user I know (myself included) is affected. Now […]

The Lame Leopard

As promised, Apple introduced their next operating system, Mac OS X Leopard at the WWDC Keynote today. What I think of it should be evident if you bothered to read the title of this post. But first, lets start with the stuff I *did* like. Yeah, I’m talking about the digs at Microsoft: “Redmond has […]