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Battery back!

Last Friday, after exactly 5 weeks, I finally got my new Powerbook battery. I guess Apple gets their estimates right – they’d said it would take 4 – 6 weeks!

An interesting observation – during the five weeks of torture, I so wanted to buy a new laptop. I was nearly at the edge of putting my Powerbook up for sale and buying either a new Thinkpad or even a Macbook, despite the glossy screen. An inner marketer’s voice seemed to exist in my head to sell all the new “features” which I previously did not particularly care about – like the built in webcams on new notebooks.

The moment I got my laptop battery back – the desires all stopped. Instantly. Reaction to a friend’s Macbook before the new battery – drool, drool, drool. After getting my battery – how could Apple have designed that thing?

Truly telling. Desire can be so totally irrational. All I wanted was to be totally unwired. Nothing as satisfying as typing a post from the comfort of your bed.