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The tool-maker is the distributor

Apple’s new iBook creation software has a condition in the license agreement that disallows you from selling any work created using the software except via Apple (which will be subject to a further unspecified agreement). More details here. Apple, in this EULA, is claiming a right not just to its software, but to its software’s […]

Memories from a simpler time

I’m on a gadget clearing spree, and decided to use Apple’s recycling program for my nearly 7 year old Powerbook G4; my first Mac. I haven’t used it in nearly 3 years. To be honest, I was somewhat surprised that it started up almost without any fuss. I’m guessing the battery would’ve run out completely, […]

Spin locks and the vicious multi-threading cycle

Multithreading is a subject that is really hard for me to keep straight in my head. This is a typical timeline of my neuron activity in any multi-threading topic that’s above absolutely basic. Time X: Awareness of a sore lack of understanding about topic. Time X+1: Read the wikipedia article and top few Google search […]

A useful C++ interview question

It’s surprising how few people who say they know C++ really know C++. This is my favourite basic C++ interview question. Lets say you want to write your own, simple fixed-size vector class for integers. The specification is simple — construct the vector with one argument, the size of the vector. Construction creates a vector […]

Introducing write-only

Writing has become harder for me over time, evidenced by the dropping frequency of posting here over the last few years. Every now and then I resolve to fix the situation, which usually results in nothing more than a short-lived spurt of words. I think the only strategy that has remotely been successful is my […]

On my Amazon wish list: a web reading app

You’ve heard the old joke right? When mankind first went into space, the only computers available were used to control the spacecraft. And so, humans needed, you know, pen-and-paper. Unfortunately, pens rely on the downward flow on ink, which in turn relies on gravity, which isn’t a given in space. And so the Americans apparently […]

Dialing letter-based numbers from the Nokia E71

So, you saw the ad on late-night TV you’re about to embark on that American dream, suing someone and making millions. The only hitch — the ad asked you to call 1-800-SUE-THEM (disclaimer: number changed to protect myself from legislation), and you have a Nokia E71 with a QWERTY keyboard that does have number signs […]

The technobabble podcast

A few friends over at the techno-babble mailing list decided it would be fun to try doing a podcast. The geeks among you may want to give our first attempt a listen at

Where Chrome is headed

Really long time since I posted. To those who’ve been checking back, extremely sorry – I’ve been deluged with work, research and job hunting among other things. What brings me back from the writers’ grave is the release of Google’s Chrome browser. On their blog, they called it a fresh take on the browser, and […]

Thoughts on Macworld

It’s finally official, I guess Apple’s reality distortion field is wearing off for me. This was the first Macworld that I slept through since 2004, and no regrets. The most interesting thing to me was that they got a pretty awesome movie rental service out. Includes all movies, at a pretty good price and reasonable […]