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On vacation — pun intended

Vacations — how we love them! It’s not just the water which comes in shades that give the colour blue not just a personality, but a soul; it’s not the sand that’s so fine that you’re tempted swim in it; nor does the salty tang of the insistent ocean breeze really explain it. What really […]

Memories from a simpler time

I’m on a gadget clearing spree, and decided to use Apple’s recycling program for my nearly 7 year old Powerbook G4; my first Mac. I haven’t used it in nearly 3 years. To be honest, I was somewhat surprised that it started up almost without any fuss. I’m guessing the battery would’ve run out completely, […]

The reticent cabbage cutter

Cooking for yourself can be addictive. It’s easy after a while, doesn’t force you to think every day about finding food, makes you crave simple food if you’ve eaten out too much, but most of all it makes you do crazy things at times. Yesterday I was feeling mighty adventurous and in the mood for […]

A day in Melaka

I hit the road last weekend with a few friends to travel to Melaka for a couple of days. It’s been quite a while since I travelled anywhere just for the sake of travel – so even though it was a short trip, it was a good one. The moment you cross the border from […]

Happy Children’s Day

In India, we used to celebrate the 14th of November (birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru) as Children’s Day in school. It was one of the few days when wearing our uniforms was not compulsory, and instead of classes we used to have games and fun all day long. Truly the good old days. Your children […]

Random thoughts

Occasionally I get the feeling that the universe is actually a sentient being. Like today, when I ate at Taco Bell after a really long time; the first packet of Fire sauce in my hands had this quote on it: “Ahhh… we meet again.” Events like these greatly increase my belief in my favourite quote […]

The Mac – two years on

Two years ago, I decided I was tired of Windows. I was already running Linux full time at lab, part-time at home, and nearly full-time on my trusty old Thinkpad T23. And so I did something that, back then, was quite unheard of – I started thinking about switching to a Mac. I knew not […]

Thumbs up to DCRP

I was recently browsing DSLR camera reviews, and observed that Digital Camera Resource site has an extremely helpful little section at the bottom of its reviews. One applauds both the thoughtfulness (you don’t invest in something like a DSLR by reading just one review), and their self-confidence without which no site would directly link to […]


I was always fascinated by the idea of photography, I recall playing with a Kodak 1000 automatic film camera when I was 14. Since then, I’ve always owned a camera. Yet for the longest time, the camera was a gadget to take out when an occasion demanded – festivals, holidays, parties, weddings and the like. […]