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Trip Report: Arizona-Utah

Day 0: Las Vegas I’m not much of a gambler or a lover of snazzy sights, but despite that Vegas certainly has the redeeming quality of teeming with life even at midnight on a Wednesday evening (when this photo was taken). The city truly never sleeps. And, while I’m sure the Europeans cringe to see […]

The life of a photograph, by Sam Abell

One of the most impactful books I’ve read about photography. Very little words, except the thousands in the photographs. Any number of gurus, books, lectures on photography will tell you how important it is that a photograph tell a story; but until I read this book, I really didn’t understand. I can give no better […]

Book Review: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Petersen

I read this book about a month ago. Off the bat I can tell you that Bryan Peterson is an amazing writer, and when it comes to teaching photography technique, I’ve not read a better author (I highly recommend his other book as well, titled “Learning to see creatively”). I wanted to wait till I’d […]