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Trip Report: Arizona-Utah

Day 0: Las Vegas I’m not much of a gambler or a lover of snazzy sights, but despite that Vegas certainly has the redeeming quality of teeming with life even at midnight on a Wednesday evening (when this photo was taken). The city truly never sleeps. And, while I’m sure the Europeans cringe to see […]

On vacation — pun intended

Vacations — how we love them! It’s not just the water which comes in shades that give the colour blue not just a personality, but a soul; it’s not the sand that’s so fine that you’re tempted swim in it; nor does the salty tang of the insistent ocean breeze really explain it. What really […]

The temples of Angkor

Is it possible to lose yourself so completely that you find your own source at the other end of the circle? What is the face of bliss? How many moments make up a decade, a century, a millennium? I don’t know the answers, but I can tell you that in the temples of Angkor I […]

A day in Melaka

I hit the road last weekend with a few friends to travel to Melaka for a couple of days. It’s been quite a while since I travelled anywhere just for the sake of travel – so even though it was a short trip, it was a good one. The moment you cross the border from […]

Berkeley Spring

You have to get out of Singapore to know the real meaning of spring. (Click to go to the photoset)

Postcard from Mumbai

Hope everyone’s been having happy holidays. Happy 2007 to all. This, by the way, is the view from my window at home. Probably the greatest wealth I will ever have.

The great Indian landscape

It stretches as far out as the eye can see. Expansive plains, or humbling mountains. Refreshingly green, or majestically arid. Devoid of human touch, or dotted with huts and farms. Seen in an instant as it passes by, or soaked up over hours by those who sit and stare. And never forgotten. Silent. The occasional […]

Malshej Ghat road trip

Took a delightful road trip to Malshej Ghat on Sunday. The road was good all the way, which was a very pleasant surprise. It was also immensely green nearly all of the way, which was even better. As you can see, roads in rural India have to be shared by certain VIPs. In my opinion […]