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Needed: Vox Populi

Not that I know enough to support or deride Rahul Gandhi, but I’m pretty sure he’s on to something here. The story of modern India is one in which a skilled, well-intentioned, resourceful, patriotic person — be it a businessman, technologist, social worker, or political leader — is bamboozled by the bureaucratic machine of Bharat […]

World Cup victory celebrations in Mountain View

Went out to brunch in Mountain View right after the match, and a ton of desis were out there having fun!

The Hungry Tide, by Amitav Ghosh

Set in the mysterious, dangerous and constantly changing terrain of the Sunderbans in East India and Bangladesh, this gripping tale of young woman’s journey unfolds spectacularly with all the drama of a Shakespearean play and mythological echoes of the great Indian epics. A young Indian born American marine biologist, Piyali Roy journeys to the Sunderbans […]

Curfewed Night, by Basharat Peer

“There are no good stories in Kashmir. There are only difficult, ambiguous, and unresolved stories.” This line from Curfewed Night perfectly captures the message of the book. Basharat Peer tells an enchanting, if sad, tale of his childhood and youth in the Kashmir valley. The struggles of its people walking a thin line between two […]

The Gandhian bridge

Timothy Roemer writes in India Today: The US, India, and Gandhiji have a long history of influence on each other and Gandhiji’s impact, both past and present, on the US has been immeasurable, invaluable and immense. Gandhiji was a guiding light for Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhiji’s teachings on civil disobedience set the […]

FBPNN: Routine enquiry yields seminal body of scientific work

In the myth-shrouded history of medieval England, a single apple’s fall moved Isaac Newton to discover the well known theory of gravity. In an understandable, if not excusable, pursuit of this process, the Indian administration decided long ago to on its Controlled Ordering of Vacuous Enquiries to Really Understand Phenomena (COVERUP) policy. In India, whenever […]

The Solitude of Emperors, by David Davidar

This wonderful novel explores personal stories behind religious fundamentalism in India. A young man, Vijay, brought up in South India, comes to Bombay to be a journalist in a little known magazine. The magazine’s editor, portrayed as a staunch believer in secularism and a deep thinker, heavily influences him. Vijay ends up getting involved in […]

India: A History by John Keay

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FBPNN: Steve Bucknor to win Medal

Yesterday evening, the nation of India watched yet another display of Just In Time Harakiri™ from their cricket team. The fans’ anger, however, was partly directed at the game’s referees, whose actions a viewer mailed in and charitably described as mentally retarded. Indian authorities and fans have complained bitterly not only to the ICC, but […]

Benazir Bhutto assassinated

The Pakistani leader was shot dead just before a suicide bomber blew himself up at an election rally she was holding in Rawalpindi. I liked to think that she was working to restore sanity in Pakistan. Obviously, there were people who did not agree. But what is clear is that whatever she was doing, it […]