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Mathematician envy

The scene is a hands-on workshop for developing presentation skills. Sixteen teaching assistants have come prepared with a ten minute teaching session on a topic of their choice. A biologist describes the human genome project. A chemist delights us with the tale of dimerizing a ketone molecule. An Lab TA attempts to convey the intricacies […]

Swivel – Flickr for data

I came across Swivel today, and it’s a fascinating place. It’s a repository of publicly-uploaded data (and corresponding auto-generated graphs, it seems like) on anything under the sun. Today’s front page shows me interesting graphs on the falling US contribution to physics, top reasons why books get banned, and airline accidents and fatalities over the […]

How many PhD students…

…does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is… I don’t know, all I changed this morning was a tubelight.

CS grad student’s inductive law of compulsive failure

You can never get anything right the first time. Every next try is the first time you’re trying to get the previous attempt right. By induction, no matter what you try to do, you’re doomed to failure :)

Thought for the day

Software bugs cause you to believe in a higher power… that likes to mess with your life.

Life’s little glitches

Scene I Doctor’s waiting room. Electronic queueing system in place. My number – 184. 179 through 183 go by, ever so slowly. The next beep comes and I get up in anticipation, but the display shows nice round figures: 0000 in room 2. Nobody goes into room 2. Now, this is what happens when you’ve […]

Photosynth from Microsoft

Just came across this via digg – Microsoft Live Labs has come up with a really cool idea called Photosynth. Basically the idea is to take a large number of photos shot at the same location and merge them into a 3-D virtual world through which one can walk through; the details being provided by […]

Everything isn’t an object

My introduction to the world of programming was via BASIC, C and C++. Along the way of course, I learned other stuff, including Java with its common theme of “Everything is an object”. I could never get this concept of everything being an object, and hence I’ve never liked, and have always struggled with Java. […]

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