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Where Chrome is headed

Really long time since I posted. To those who’ve been checking back, extremely sorry – I’ve been deluged with work, research and job hunting among other things. What brings me back from the writers’ grave is the release of Google’s Chrome browser. On their blog, they called it a fresh take on the browser, and […]

Better Gmail extension

Although I’d vaguely heard of it before, I just tried it out, and it’s great. If you use Firefox, the better gmail extension is a must have! Some of the things are really useful – like Saved searches (I’ve actually written feedback to Google to include this feature) and displaying the unread message count first […]

Safari meets the Jungle

Mike Elgan has written a wonderful piece in MacWorld analyzing the appearance of Safari for Windows. From the article: The insular Apple universe is a relatively gentle place, an Athenian utopia where Apple’s occasional missteps are forgiven, all partake of the many blessings of citizenship, and everyone feels like they’re part of an Apple-created golden […]

Firefox 3.0 to offer offline web application support

From PC World: Perhaps most exciting could be Firefox’s ability to support writing an e-mail in, for example, Gmail while offline, with the data sent later when a user is connected to the Internet again. Ultimately, Mozilla engineers are aiming for an integration between the browser and Web-based services that is as smooth running as […]

It’s time to switch

No, for once this isn’t about the Mac. Firefox supporters have submitted about 280 (and counting) ads for the web browser, and most of them are really, really cool. Better than many of the ads we see on television, all of it free. Just shows what a dedicated open source community can do. More Firefox […]