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TiddlyWiki hack – blog plugin

I use TiddlyWiki to maintain a journal about my daily research work. It serves very well because all the journal data is kept in a single html file, which is viewable on any platform using Firefox – hence it’s far easier to put in version control. Anyhow, one thing was lacking – I wanted a […]


I was always fascinated by the idea of photography, I recall playing with a Kodak 1000 automatic film camera when I was 14. Since then, I’ve always owned a camera. Yet for the longest time, the camera was a gadget to take out when an occasion demanded – festivals, holidays, parties, weddings and the like. […]

the brook @ yavin4, anew

Welcome to my new space. I wanted to move to WordPress for a long time, and its finally happened. Questions, you have? Why I moved Blogger was becoming way too clunky, even for its normal operations I wanted more features (categories, comment RSS, total customization I was going to buy web hosting anyway for a […]

FBPNN: Smenita – the sentient life form accidentally created by moving electrons

There was a theory once that if you put enough monkeys typing gibberish on typewriters, by the law of averages they would eventually produce an entire Shakespeare play. It would appear that the day when we have enough monkeys has indeed arrived – there are 250 million Google searches a day. Not only typing gibberish, […]