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Memories from a simpler time

I’m on a gadget clearing spree, and decided to use Apple’s recycling program for my nearly 7 year old Powerbook G4; my first Mac. I haven’t used it in nearly 3 years. To be honest, I was somewhat surprised that it started up almost without any fuss. I’m guessing the battery would’ve run out completely, […]

Thoughts on Macworld

It’s finally official, I guess Apple’s reality distortion field is wearing off for me. This was the first Macworld that I slept through since 2004, and no regrets. The most interesting thing to me was that they got a pretty awesome movie rental service out. Includes all movies, at a pretty good price and reasonable […]

They don’t write reviews like this anymore

If you’re a computer science geek, check out John Siracusa’s review of Leopard at Arstechnica. Its a wonderfully written review which digs deep into the internals of Leopard as an OS, and some really interesting issues right from human interface guidelines to kernel scheduling are discussed. I wish the tech press wrote more often like […]

The iPhone

From The Economist: The danger in developing a gadget that tries to be a phone, internet appliance and iPod all in one is that it can fail to accomplish each as well as it might… simply making a phone call is more cumbersome than it should be, requiring up to half a dozen different steps. […]

Safari meets the Jungle

Mike Elgan has written a wonderful piece in MacWorld analyzing the appearance of Safari for Windows. From the article: The insular Apple universe is a relatively gentle place, an Athenian utopia where Apple’s occasional missteps are forgiven, all partake of the many blessings of citizenship, and everyone feels like they’re part of an Apple-created golden […]


For the first time since removing “Computer” from their name, Apple Inc. has shown us they mean business, finally releasing MacBook Pros that make my mouth water. How sad is it that I can’t even think of affording one! Santa-Rosa support has been offered by almost all other manufacturers for a while now, so it […]

Cool and wicked

If you own a Mac, you have got to try this out: a software called Nocturne by the same people who made QuickSilver. The software does a very simple thing – inverts your entire screen, giving the appearance of night vision. Looks great. Not only that, it is actually effective when using the computer in […]

A decent menubar calendar for the Mac

Thanks to Magical, now I don’t have to open iCal or go to the dashboard to get a decent calendar. Found this via AppleMatters.

The Mac – two years on

Two years ago, I decided I was tired of Windows. I was already running Linux full time at lab, part-time at home, and nearly full-time on my trusty old Thinkpad T23. And so I did something that, back then, was quite unheard of – I started thinking about switching to a Mac. I knew not […]

Starring in a comic

From the latest Joy of Tech, this guy is totally me!