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The Mac guy goes out

Word is out that the Mac guy, Justin Long will no longer be doing commercials for the Apple “get a mac” series. The PC guy though, will still be around. Perfect time for a new PC ad:

Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac.
PC: And I’m a PC. Say, you’re the second Mac aren’t you?
Mac: Oh yeah. I’m the new guy.
PC: What happened to the other one?
Mac: Uh…
PC: Got a virus? Crashed? Wasn’t cool with the lifestyle stuff? Got thrown out of his job?
Mac: No, no, nothing like that. I’m just a better guy, thats all.
PC: You guys don’t seem to last very long, do you? How does that make you feel?
Mac: Hey, I feel just great. Did you know I now have an Core 2 Duo processor and can manage a digital lifestyle better than anything else?
PC: Right. Maybe I should just give up. You have the same hardware I did a couple of months ago, but you’re so easy to use and so totally cool that you completely eclipse my entire reason for existence….
Mac: Hey, come on PC, there’s no reason to feel so ba…
PC: That is, until everyone, including your own company, feels bored and compelled to throw you out.
Mac: Uh… Touché?
PC: You know what, I believe you got that right.