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One more light to be grateful for

His music could pull emotion out of thin air. You would lose your sense of all existence while swaying to ‘Main Nashe Mein Hoon’ and yet, feel your heart weep over the numbingly fragile nature of humanity with ‘Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti’. Truly, without his music, a whole dimension of my life would’ve gone unexplored. […]

The brightest sparks sometimes fade the soonest

Bad education

n + 1 mag has a hard-hitting piece about American higher education: Since 1978, the price of tuition at US colleges has increased over 900 percent, 650 points above inflation. To put that in number in perspective, housing prices, the bubble that nearly burst the US economy, then the global one, increased only fifty points […]

The smartphone is the territory

I recently had to distribute an item I’d ordered in bulk to a few people across the office. The folks had been given a time, my building and cube number. Our cubes aren’t labeled very well, so I’d stuck a piece of paper with big bold words on it in front of my desk (we […]

The economics of the D7000 kit

Simply put, the Nikon D7000 is the best value-for-money DSLR Nikon has manufactured till date. It’s the perfect time to upgrade for me as well, the only hitch being — the body-only version isn’t in stock anywhere. Nikon sees fit to keep the supply of the “bundle” with the 18-105 mm lens in stock. Very […]

Turn off Google Instant Preview (without installing stuff)

Google search has a new feature called “Instant Preview” which pre-fetches search results pages and displays them in a preview pane when you hover over a search result. I suppose it could be argued that this is helpful, but many (including me) find it irritating. To toggle instant previews on or off, all you have […]

What a victory!

These are the times the cricket fan in me lives for. India vs. Australia, late at night (for me), and a nail-biting, frantic-cricinfo-refreshing, table-thumping, jinx-fearing victory by 1 wicket on the fifth day. Sweeeeeeet.

Down Under Part I: Sydney

The first of what I hope will be a series of posts on my recent trip to Australia. Any visitor probably first experiences Sydney at its harbour, which gives a million vantage points to view the city from. There’s one secret to the charm — multiple perspectives of the heart of the city; each spectacular. […]

International diplomacy in 140 characters or less

Flying low

Almost eighty-three years ago, Charles Lindbergh took off from New York to attempt what had never been accomplished. Thirty grueling hours and 3,600 miles later, he landed in Paris. It was the first time a man had flown across the Atlantic. It was a risky venture — six lives had been lost in the previous […]