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World Cup victory celebrations in Mountain View

Went out to brunch in Mountain View right after the match, and a ton of desis were out there having fun!

The Alpha and The Omega

I am not God. — Sachin Tendulkar, April 16, 2001 I was winding down work on a regular evening; but I remained glued to my desk following the match on Cricinfo — till the little master got out, disappointingly, before making a century. Nothing remarkable about that, really. Except that I’ve been repeating that pattern […]

Fitting tribute

I’ve always been slightly at a loss to explain just why I enjoy watching Sachin Tendulkar bat. Peter Roebuck describes it beautifully in his recent column: Spectators find in [Tendulkar’s batting] the same satisfaction as a mathematician does in a formula. Tendulkar does not indulge himself at the crease. His style is not a style […]

The 200th mile

Sachin Tendulkar made his 16000th run in one-day internationals today. It just struck me that each run is worth 22 yards (the length of a cricket pitch), and that equates to 200 miles. A long run indeed. Keep going, Little Master.

FBPNN: Steve Bucknor to win Medal

Yesterday evening, the nation of India watched yet another display of Just In Time Harakiri™ from their cricket team. The fans’ anger, however, was partly directed at the game’s referees, whose actions a viewer mailed in and charitably described as mentally retarded. Indian authorities and fans have complained bitterly not only to the ICC, but […]

Having nothing to lose

After a fighting 192, Kumar Sangakarra fell to one of those increasingly common dismissals these days – umpire error. With more than two sessions to go, the 10th wicket partnership may not last very long but isn’t short on entertainment. 101.5 Clark to Malinga, SIX, Malinga goes downtown. Full in length, Malinga moved outside leg […]

Who’s insulting national pride?

Rediff reports: Special judge Mohammad Shamim’s order in the matter came on a review petition filed by Rajesh Bidkar against Tendulkar, saying cutting of a ‘Tiranga cake’ by the cricketer was an insult to national pride. Right. While the left parties band together and hold India’s international reputation to ransom with the US and IAEA, […]

Chak de India!!!

The men in blue have achieved what we never thought possible. For the team that truly gave it their all, the men who played out of their skins, the boys who made us proud to be Indian, and the players who showed what having a heart truly means – You Rock! There are a hundred […]