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Movie Review: Atonement

A movie that I’d describe as a true flight of fancy, flown to near-perfection. It’s a seemingly slow-paced film, yet manages to surprise with almost every scene. The plot is rather basic – a young English girl wrongly accuses a man who loves her older sister of a crime he did not commit, changing their […]

Taare Zameen Par

Went and watched Aamir Khan’s brainchild today. Nothing that I can say will do it justice – so let me just say three things – everything about it was perfect, from dialogue to direction to end credits; it is easily the best movie I have ever seen; and lastly, at the end of the movie […]

Eight below

This is a heartwarming adventure film about a team of Antarctic explorers who are forced to leave behind their eight dogs at their base as they flee the cold winter. The trainer refuses to give up on them even after months have passed and eventually finds a way to go back to look for them […]

Paradise Now

What should life be? Who should you love? What should you eat? Should you study? Where should you work? How should you dress? What passion should drive you? Living a good life is about having freedom. Freedom to make these choices, and more. And the absence of freedom is absence of these choices. Or any […]