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Chak de India!!!

The men in blue have achieved what we never thought possible. For the team that truly gave it their all, the men who played out of their skins, the boys who made us proud to be Indian, and the players who showed what having a heart truly means – You Rock! There are a hundred […]

Twenty wickets a side to Twenty overs a side

With the Twenty20 world cup well underway, I can’t help but feel just that bit concerned that cricket as I know and love it will remain no more. Clearly, I’m no fan of this version of the game. Cricket is pulled down to two dimensions – slogging and defensive bowling. It’s quite clear that in […]

The joys of Duckworth-Louis

At first sight, the scorecard is hard to believe. Scotland made 152 in 30 overs, and yet the target for the Windies was a “revised” 165. Turns out it’s due to the Duckworth Louis system, as the match suffered from two rain delays and was twice reduced in the first innings, first to 42 overs, […]

Gentlemen, search your souls

The gentleman’s game just turned ugly. It has been confirmed that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach was murdered, strangled to death in his hotel room after Pakistan were knocked out of the world cup. Sport almost by definition is competition sans malice, rivalry sans warfare. We play, watch and love sport because it’s essentially a […]

What a match!

Got to hand it to the Kiwis. Chased down 346/5 with one wicket and 3 balls to spare. What can I say? And I had plans for work this afternoon. Man proposed, McCullum and McMillian disposed, usually to the long-on fence.

FBPNN: Federer victory literally heavenly

We’re proud today to bring you a story that confirms what our most loyal readers have long suspected – we have sources and connections at the highest levels. In our efforts to bring you the best fake but possible news, we decided to follow up on a rumour at the head honcho’s office – thats […]

Indian Summers by John Wright

One of the books that I’m really thankful I’ve read. Without doubt, a wonderful read for any Indian cricket fan. John Wright describes his whole stint as Indian coach; starting from his selection as coach to finish. Few can argue that since John Wright, Indian cricket has improved in a number of ways – professionalism, […]

Pundits from Pakistan, by Rahul Bhattacharya

One word: glorious. This book is a memoir of the 2003-04 Test series. Rahul Bhattacharya poignantly describes every aspect of the series, along with his own experiences and interviews as a freelance journalist. One of the things I really liked about the book was the description of the Pakistani atmosphere and culture around the matches […]

Ridiculous ball-tampering row at the 4th test

I don’t think anybody will disagree: the situation at the 4th test between England and Pakistan can only be labeled ridiculous. If you weren’t aware of the circus show, there’s no dearth of places to read about it. At the end of the day, the fourth umpire communicated that there would no more play today. […]