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Health Newsflash

In a startling discovery made by combining the latest artificial intelligence technology and data mining of health news sources, it has been shown that being charged with possession of assets disproportionate with one’s known sources of income is the leading cause of high blood pressure and coronary problems in India. See here for an example. […]

Eating carbon

The Economist explains that companies in America are being forced to go green because of the inevitability of carbon-trading systems: if they want to have a say in the carbon market, they need to be lobbying for emission controls. A quote that cracked me up: As Mr Rogers explains: “There’s a saying in Washington: if […]

Why I love the Economist

From a recent article about the Shilpa Shetty issue in the UK: British celebrity culture is tolerant: ethnic minorities and homosexuals feature prominently. And it is democratic: no discernible talent is needed to enter the aristocracy of celebrity. If there’s better way of targeting both democracy and aristocracy in such a compact fashion, I don’t […]


So this is how liberty dies. Overnight.

Dear Apple Computer

Today, you’ve thrilled the world. You’ve added battery life, capacity, movies and games to the iPod. So the teeming fans can waste their time in ever-more productive ways. You’ve made the iPod nano go pink, and anyone with the remotest inkling of taste go pale. The girls will sigh, and the boys will cry. You’ve […]

Protests in Armenia over Indian student’s death

An Indian student in an Armenian university recently fell from his dorm window and died, allegedly due to to negligence by emergency services and university administration – who prevented his friends from giving him first aid, asking them to wait until an ambulance arrived… which was 45 minutes later. This has led to huge protests […]