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Wish list for Macworld 07


The yearly feast for the Mac fanatics, MacWorld San Francisco is around the corner. On January 9th we will know which of the wild rumours are true.

I don’t want an Apple phone, I couldn’t care less about the iTV, true video iPods don’t interest me and neither do cinema displays with built-in webcams.

I’m only interested in one thing. A worthy successor to my Powerbook 12″. It will be two years old in February and very possibly I’d like to replace it sometime in 2008; and the current line of Apple laptops isn’t quite up to the mark. What I’d love:

  • Small form factor: 12″, maximum 13″. Aspect ratio doesn’t bother me. Light, hopefully lighter than the Macbook
  • A real graphics card, no crippling GMA950 please.
  • Matte screen option – not currently available on the Macbooks.
  • Pro design. While the Macbooks look alright, I much prefer the silver Al Powerbook/MacBook Pro designs.

It’s not asking for much – which in a sense is exactly the problem. A product like this would probably not be differentiated enough for Apple to introduce, unfortunately. Although there are occasional rumours of such a device, none are particularly substantiated. More people are excited about a Mac tablet (why God why?) or a Mac PDA. Well, life doesn’t always hand you things on a platter, does it?