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Category Archives: law

Don’t lower your standards

It was disheartening to read of two girls being molested in Bombay on new year’s day. Far more shocking was to hear that the Police Commissioner of Mumbai was dismissive in his reaction and asked the media “not to blow this out of proportion”, because such things “can happen anywhere.” There are just so many […]

Doing the dishes in Indian politics

The upper echelons of the Indian judiciary have long been active in public affairs. Recently, however, they realized that they may have gone a bit too far. This has sparked a lively debate on whether the Supreme Court of India has interfered too much or too little with socio-political affairs in India. Indira Jaising has […]

Intelligent Design on Trial

Recently saw this PBS production detailing the landmark Dover trial in which evolution and intelligent design battled each other. A really well-made documentary, and a fascinating story both for the human and legal interest. Convincing a conservative judge appointed by George Bush to rule that Intelligent Design is not science and shouldn’t be taught in […]

Practical creative commons

When I first heard about the idea of the creative commons licence (CC), I was immediately enamoured. In a world where one boggles at the amount of lawsuits over naming trifles, the idea that you can publish content under a licence that allows free non-commercial distribution and modification, seemed like a blessing. I quickly put […]