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Freedom’s road

I trooped down to the Singapore Air Show this weekend. As did others – to the tune of tens of thousands. I haven’t seen a closer approximation to the Kumbh Mela in Singapore. It was on one extreme end of the city, involving a 40 minute bus ride even after the last train stop; involved […]

Andy Warhol

Went to an exhibition exhibiting Andy Warhol’s works this weekend. Pretty good experience. In particular, loved the electric chair and the dollar sign series of prints.

Wish list for Macworld 07

The yearly feast for the Mac fanatics, MacWorld San Francisco is around the corner. On January 9th we will know which of the wild rumours are true. I don’t want an Apple phone, I couldn’t care less about the iTV, true video iPods don’t interest me and neither do cinema displays with built-in webcams. I’m […]

Dear Apple Computer

Today, you’ve thrilled the world. You’ve added battery life, capacity, movies and games to the iPod. So the teeming fans can waste their time in ever-more productive ways. You’ve made the iPod nano go pink, and anyone with the remotest inkling of taste go pale. The girls will sigh, and the boys will cry. You’ve […]

The Art of Star Wars

The Singapore Science Center was recently hosting this exhibition. After weeks of putting it off, Ravi and I went there just one week before it was closing down. As expected, it was a really awesome experience. Especially for people like us who are are hopelessly tied to the Star Wars universe. To me, the best […]