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Down Under Part I: Sydney

The first of what I hope will be a series of posts on my recent trip to Australia.

Sydney Harbour

Any visitor probably first experiences Sydney at its harbour, which gives a million vantage points to view the city from. There’s one secret to the charm — multiple perspectives of the heart of the city; each spectacular.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Maratime Museum

There’s the architecture — a mix of old colonial and modern glass, even leaving aside the Opera House.

And call me stupid, but I couldn’t get over how well Sydney’s signs were written.

Cruise Bar

In my travels so far, I’ve found cities to be variously amusing or drab, zippy or sleepy, grand or quaint; but I never thought I’d ever find a city beautiful. Sydney, however, had a beauty so unexpected it left me in disbelief.

We had just planned to be in Sydney for only a day. It felt like we could stay a lifetime.

Sydney Skyline