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The economics of the D7000 kit

Simply put, the Nikon D7000 is the best value-for-money DSLR Nikon has manufactured till date. It’s the perfect time to upgrade for me as well, the only hitch being — the body-only version isn’t in stock anywhere. Nikon sees fit to keep the supply of the “bundle” with the 18-105 mm lens in stock.

Very few people will buy a Nikon D7000 as their first DSLR. The biggest audience for this camera is either folks like me — I’ve been shooting a D80 for four years and am looking to upgrade; or the super-enthusiast or professionals looking for a solid second body. Neither group will care for the 18-105; but both will badly want their hands on a D7000. An excellent opportunity for Nikon to get rid of some 18-105 lenses.

No surprise to see that the “used” section of the 18-105 lens is full of people wanting to get rid of their kit lens.

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