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An Indian comeback from the dead

I didn’t want to quote the 1st day’s bulletin until today, lest I jinx the team. But now that we’ve won, here it is. Joy! They must have read about it. They must have heard about it. They must have planned for it. Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis and Hashim Amla have played a Test there […]

Buzz update

Google has updated Buzz to address some of the privacy concerns. If you’re like me and are interested in completely disabling Buzz, go to your Gmail settings ‘Buzz’ tab (you may need to do a logout/login to get the latest code). If you click ‘Disable Google Buzz’, it claims to completely remove your Google profile, […]

The mysterious before

A beautiful essay by an American-born Indian on conversing with her great-grandmother: Laminated photos affixed to the walls tell a story of black-and-white into color, of arranged marriages and love affairs, of constancy and change. As I walk through the house, I find my face, too, framed and on display. As always, it surprises me […]

Stop the buzz!

Disturbing privacy issues with Google Buzz

On statistics

Amidst the endless comic relief on Slashdot comments, I came across this gem: For example: there are two popes per square kilometer in Vatican.


Apparently, less than two weeks after introducing an expensive and not very useful toy in the middle of the biggest recession in recent history, Apple says it might reduce the pricing of the iPad if the market demands it. Wow. Sure, they had to do this for the iPhone eventually, but only after it released. […]

I wish

Recently while doing a Windows update for my graphics driver I got the following pop-up: If only I had a screen with that much real estate. The dream faded after the update was completed and the system restarted.

A new e-book Reader

A company in India, Infibeam, has introduced Pi, an e-ink based book reader for the Indian market, with support for local languages and a very Kindle-like look. Lesser base storage than the Kindle, but you can extend the memory with an SD card. It can read PDFs, ePubs, HTML, DOC, JPG and some other stuff, […]

Heart of the world

As long as I live I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, Learn the language of the flood, storm, And the avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers And wild gardens, And get as near the heart of the world as I can. — John Muir

Thank the competitor

Amazon recently pushed a firmware update to the 2nd generation Kindle which allows it to natively read PDF files. I can now drag and drop files to the Kindle from my computer, and the Kindle displays them perfectly; something that should’ve been the first feature Amazon thought of in a book reader. Such “generosity”, I […]