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On vacation — pun intended

Vacations — how we love them! It’s not just the water which comes in shades that give the colour blue not just a personality, but a soul; it’s not the sand that’s so fine that you’re tempted swim in it; nor does the salty tang of the insistent ocean breeze really explain it.

What really explains it — as my wife and I had dinner, we discussed what we dream of doing before reaching 40, instead of whether we want to watch Star Trek or the Big Bang Theory. Earlier, I saw a bi-weekly reminder on my phone to wash linen; and broke into laughter. Death by a thousand chores can’t reach me here. Given a little distance, the seriousness we accord the smallest details of life while ignoring the broadest strokes looks exactly like it is — ridiculous.

It’s good every now and then to go to the edge of your existence, force yourself to the shoreline of your day-to-day life and look outward. Where you’re free to blank your mind on the void of the sea, or imagine the distant shores you’d set sail for if you could.