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A day in Melaka

I hit the road last weekend with a few friends to travel to Melaka for a couple of days. It’s been quite a while since I travelled anywhere just for the sake of travel – so even though it was a short trip, it was a good one.


The moment you cross the border from Singapore to Malaysia, you somehow get a sense that life is more chaotic, more unpredictable, more spontaneous, more free. These guys at the Larkin bus terminal saw me with my camera and had enthusiastically asked me to capture the moment. At the time, I said I’d try and make it to the front page with the photograph :) but this will have to do.

Whats over the hill?

Endless landscapes

Singapore being a small country, I really miss the endless landscapes one gets to see while traveling in India – the highways in Malaysia though offer ample amounts of the same.

The three towers

Independence Memorial

Melaka has had very strong cultural influences over the years – both Islamic and European and it served as a very important port for a long time. This is reflected in a disproportionate number of buildings being architecturally aesthetic (I’m no critique, but they’re better than boxes).

Entrance to St. Paul's Church

Burial Stone

Church view

Knocking on Heaven's Door

St. Paul’s Church in Melaka has a very interesting history. The guy in the picture was doing an amazing job singing Knocking on Heaven’s Door – an appropriate song in more ways than one – the Church is at a high vantage point and overlooks the city.

Old writings

Model of a ship

Old weapons collection

Naval Museum

There are some really good museums in the city – hosting art, literature and historical knowledge and artifacts. One of them, a naval museum, is inside a ship; unfortunately, it was closed for renovations when we were there.

On the road in Melaka

Fun trishaw driver


The streets of Melaka can be very colourful and lively.

Riverside sunset

The river which runs through Melaka is a great place to enjoy a quiet evening at sunset.

Chinatown - 1

Chinatown - 2

Graffiti in Chinatown

Chinatown in Melaka was a really busy place on Saturday night.

Riverfront - 1

Riverfront - 2

Riverfront -3

Riverfront - 4

The river I mentioned earlier runs throughout the city. There were lot of activities around the river on the weekend from fairs to kayaking to performances. There are also a number of houses along the river and there were families having a barbecues just outside.

Great place to go, even if only for a day.