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Malshej Ghat road trip

Took a delightful road trip to Malshej Ghat on Sunday. The road was good all the way, which was a very pleasant surprise. It was also immensely green nearly all of the way, which was even better.


As you can see, roads in rural India have to be shared by certain VIPs. In my opinion though, that only adds to the charm.

Ghat View 1

Malshej is at an altitude of about 3500 feet, so as we approach the western ghats, the views of the hills got quite scenic.

Road between cliffs

Once on the hills, the views of the cliffs and ghats was breathtaking.

Ghat view 2

There isn’t much at Malshej right now, a couple of resorts, one belonging to MTDC and one private resorts. Not much in the way of facilities, and prominent notices disclaim any responsibility if power goes out. One of the hoteliers told us that at one point, the resort was without electricity for nine days.

The bright side of course, is that the place is quite untouched, and relatively unpopulated by tourists. There are quite good trekking routes, I’m told. Unfortunately, this was just a day trip with family so I couldn’t go. The views from the MTDC resort (which is at a high point) of the valley at Malshej were quite good.

Malshej Ghat valley

We went onward to Shivneri Fort, which was the birthplace of Shivaji. Going there was good fun – we did some rock-climbing partway up to the fort (you can go up via steps also).

Shivneri Fort view

More snaps on Flickr when I get back to Singapore.