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Protests in Armenia over Indian student’s death

An Indian student in an Armenian university recently fell from his dorm window and died, allegedly due to to negligence by emergency services and university administration – who prevented his friends from giving him first aid, asking them to wait until an ambulance arrived… which was 45 minutes later.

This has led to huge protests by Indian students both inside the university as well as outside (including at the Armenian parliament); though sadly enough there seems to be no support from the local students.

The spirit of these students is heartening. I wonder what could happen if students in India organized themselves like this.

Coverage and pictures on the Oneworld Multimedia blog as well The Instant Me.

A few Indian students have been taken in for questioning by police and have not been heard from for the past six hours. Later, the new Rector of Yerevan’s Medical University literally gave them “the finger” when they complained. Indian students are now demanding justice and the removal of the Rector from her position.

Thanks to Namit for bringing this to my attention.