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Dialing letter-based numbers from the Nokia E71

So, you saw the ad on late-night TV you’re about to embark on that American dream, suing someone and making millions.

The only hitch — the ad asked you to call 1-800-SUE-THEM (disclaimer: number changed to protect myself from legislation), and you have a Nokia E71 with a QWERTY keyboard that does have number signs but not the traditional ‘ABC’ under the number 1 and so on. (It’d be really hard to fit the letter R, the number 1 and a small-type ABC on the same key). What do you do?

Simple – you type it out, but remember to type in caps. In this case, just type 1800, then hit the bottom left key which switches to text (abc) mode, then press the shift key (right next to it) twice to go into caps text (ABC) mode and type SUETHEM on the qwerty keyboard and hit the green Send button.

Good luck with those lawyers!

(This should probably work on a number of Nokia’s Symbian phones, E63 etc. YMMV.)

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