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GMail Manager issue with new GMail

Since the new version of GMail has rolled out, the GMailManager extension for Firefox has stopped working. I found a hack on the mozilla forum by PMDv1 which I’ve tested and it works. find your profile folder browse to the extensions directory open the folder named {582195F5-92E7-40a0-A127-DB71295901D7} open the components folder Open “gmServiceGmail.js” in your […]

They don’t write reviews like this anymore

If you’re a computer science geek, check out John Siracusa’s review of Leopard at Arstechnica. Its a wonderfully written review which digs deep into the internals of Leopard as an OS, and some really interesting issues right from human interface guidelines to kernel scheduling are discussed. I wish the tech press wrote more often like […]

Moronic beyond belief

That’s me, in case you didn’t already know. While a lifetime of evidence exists, in the interests of brevity, I will only present its latest manifestation. Warning: this is a work-related (read: geeky) rant. if ( A or B ) // A and B are some valid conditions { if ( A ) return x; […]

Of Tafiti and African names

If I had known that what I’m doing would one day be labeled by one of the world’s biggest companies as “Tafiti”, I can assure you I would have reconsidered a foray into research. So Microsoft has debuted a beta of Tafiti (which means “do research” in Swahili). I can’t run it yet – of […]

Computers have lost it

This just in: Earlier in the day, Apple released a 32MB Keyboard Software Update v1.1. In a brief set of release notes, the company said the software allows its new aluminum keyboard to take advantage of the special features. I once had a computer with a 40 MB hard drive. And now keyboard firmware updates […]

Pidgin 2.1 on Fedora 7

Yum just updated pidgin to version 2.1, but I got the following error. $ pidgin libnm_glib_nm_state_cb: dbus returned an error. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown) The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files pidgin: symbol lookup error: pidgin: undefined symbol: purple_core_ensure_single_instance Turns out pidgin 2.1 has a dependency on libpurple 2.1 which somehow got past the package […]

Swivel – Flickr for data

I came across Swivel today, and it’s a fascinating place. It’s a repository of publicly-uploaded data (and corresponding auto-generated graphs, it seems like) on anything under the sun. Today’s front page shows me interesting graphs on the falling US contribution to physics, top reasons why books get banned, and airline accidents and fatalities over the […]

Better Gmail extension

Although I’d vaguely heard of it before, I just tried it out, and it’s great. If you use Firefox, the better gmail extension is a must have! Some of the things are really useful – like Saved searches (I’ve actually written feedback to Google to include this feature) and displaying the unread message count first […]

Powerpoints in Gmail

A nice touch by Google – they now have a flash-based web viewer for powerpoint presentations.

The iPhone

From The Economist: The danger in developing a gadget that tries to be a phone, internet appliance and iPod all in one is that it can fail to accomplish each as well as it might… simply making a phone call is more cumbersome than it should be, requiring up to half a dozen different steps. […]