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Indian Summers by John Wright

Indian Summers

One of the books that I’m really thankful I’ve read. Without doubt, a wonderful read for any Indian cricket fan. John Wright describes his whole stint as Indian coach; starting from his selection as coach to finish.

Few can argue that since John Wright, Indian cricket has improved in a number of ways – professionalism, fielding, team spirit and so on. One of the major contributions of Indian summers is exactly how this was done. Wright’s before and after descriptions of team training methods, activities and Indian cricket politics are quite startling. Equally insightful are his personal dealings with players, his perspective on the relationship between players themselves, and how they saw themselves at home and away.

Then, of course, there’s the cricket. Wright describes many of the series that the team went through and includes most of the important ones – Australia, the World Cup, Pakistan and so on. He makes the reader relive moments that have to be etched in the memory of any Indian cricket fan – from Laxman and Dravid’s brilliant stand at Calcutta to save the series, to Dravid’s declaration when Sachin was batting on 194 at Multan and so many others. Sometimes I think I’ll just love any book about Indian cricket because recalling those moments is always so poignant.

Also discussed are Wright’s impressions of India and Indians and many of these are heartwarming. I guess being an Indian I can’t help but feel happy and proud that a total stranger coming to my country can find it so endearing. The book includes a very nice collection of his own photographs, mostly of cricket, but some of his memories of India as well.

Rating – 4.5/5

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