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the brook @ yavin4, anew

Welcome to my new space. I wanted to move to WordPress for a long time, and its finally happened. Questions, you have?

Why I moved

  1. Blogger was becoming way too clunky, even for its normal operations
  2. I wanted more features (categories, comment RSS, total customization
  3. I was going to buy web hosting anyway for a proper photoblog (which will hopefully be up soon)


  1. The new URL (which, of course you can see if you’re here) is Please update your bookmarks.
  2. If you were using RSS to read my blog, most likely, you won’t have to change it, since I was using Feedburner for generating RSS which now directs the feed here. However, if you subscribe using the (older) blogger feed, please change your feed to
  3. Sorry for the trouble!


  1. I based the design of this blog on the Dawn WP theme by Fredrik Fahlstad. I made a few changes however, in terms of sidebar size and of course, header images etc.
  2. The (rather flattering) portrait photograph of mine was taken by Ashwin. Just shows what a good photographer with a good camera can do. Even I don’t recognize myself.
  3. The header photograph was taken in Coorg, Karnataka. I edited it (including the title etching) using GIMP.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the new blog. Cheers!