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TiddlyWiki hack – blog plugin

I use TiddlyWiki to maintain a journal about my daily research work. It serves very well because all the journal data is kept in a single html file, which is viewable on any platform using Firefox – hence it’s far easier to put in version control.

Anyhow, one thing was lacking – I wanted a blog-like (time-based) view when I opened my tiddlywiki file, for easy parsing of previous posts (usually, the previous day’s work). A kind soul had written a plugin for it (here) – but it unfortunately it doesn’t work with the current version. So I decided to see how rusty my Javascript was (very rusty, as it turns out), and after an hour or so of hair pulling, I finally fixed it to get what I believe is a working plugin. Grab it from here.

[Update 09-Jan-2008]
Emmanuel has been kind enough to add restricted tag support, so you can, for example, only apply the blog-like behavior to entries that have a certain tag. Thanks!