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Needed: Vox Populi

Not that I know enough to support or deride Rahul Gandhi, but I’m pretty sure he’s on to something here. The story of modern India is one in which a skilled, well-intentioned, resourceful, patriotic person — be it a businessman, technologist, social worker, or political leader — is bamboozled by the bureaucratic machine of Bharat Sarkaar no matter how hard they try.

I also like that he starts off by bashing his own party for it’s lack of rules.

Every single day, I meet people who have tremendous understanding, deep insight and no voice. And all of us meet them. They are everywhere. But almost always they are kept outside our systems. No one can hear their voice. No matter how muchthey try to speak no one listens. And then I meet people holding high positions with tremendous voice but with no understanding for the issues at hand.

Why does this happen? It happens because we don’t respect knowledge. We respect position. And it does not matter how much wisdom you have, if you do not have a position, you mean nothing.

This is the tragedy of India.

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