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Having nothing to lose

After a fighting 192, Kumar Sangakarra fell to one of those increasingly common dismissals these days – umpire error. With more than two sessions to go, the 10th wicket partnership may not last very long but isn’t short on entertainment.

101.5 Clark to Malinga, SIX, Malinga goes downtown. Full in length, Malinga moved outside leg stump and swung it over long-on!

101.4 Clark to Malinga, SIX, Hello?! Malinga has pulled a Clarke delivery over the deep backward square leg! It was dug in short, at the body, Malinga was backing away and he just short-arm jabbed it . up up and over!

101.3 Clark to Malinga, FOUR, bang! four more. Malinga pulls a short-of-length delivery over midwicket

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