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Category Archives: politics

Indian government banning blogs?

This is just in via digg and other sources – apparently the Indian government has issued orders to ISPs to block blogging sites including blogspot. One of the reasons cited for this is that blogs are apparently being used by terrorists to communicate and spread information. I think this is not only draconian, but quite […]

Reservations – Nothing logical about it

It seems strange that with the country so widely divided up on the reservations issue, the entire elected Indian Parliament should pass the reservations bill with near unanimity. Doesn’t quite strike me as the democratic move – oh wait, but it is. Democracy is also about getting votes at the expense of the people if […]

Paradise Now

What should life be? Who should you love? What should you eat? Should you study? Where should you work? How should you dress? What passion should drive you? Living a good life is about having freedom. Freedom to make these choices, and more. And the absence of freedom is absence of these choices. Or any […]

On development in India

The Hindu today carries an extremely articulate interview with Arundhati Roy, which begins by talking about the Narmada Dam issue, but ultimately addresses the larger scope of the costly “developmental” strategies being employed in India. Q: Given the relentlessness of the onslaught of globalisation, would you say your views paint you into a small corner? […]