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Thunderbird, etc.

I have been looking to a way to link Thunderbird and Growl for showing me mail notification messages for a while now. Thanks to this post, I was able to get it working today.

Growl for thunderbird

One issue I faced that I have four mail accounts in Thunderbird and I don’t care about three of them, but by default the above hack gives a notification for all messages. Thankfully, the back end controlling the notification is a good old bash shell script. After a little hacking, all was well.

To digress a bit, I would like to propose the following theorem.

You will always need to code a shell script right after you’ve forgotten the syntax of the if and for statements.

Proof: Emprical story of my life since I wrote my first shell script.

Thankfully, there is a corollary:

Every possible shell script in bash has already been written (and indexed by Google).

Proof: See above.

Back to Thunderbird. Thunderbird has had Junk mail filtering for a while now, and occasionally it will interpret some messages as “Junk” and give you a button to indicate that it’s “Not Junk”. Today, I saw this:

Thunderbird scam protection?

Interesting to note that there’s a difference between “scam” and “junk” mail detection. Even more interesting to know that Thunderbird doesn’t particularly care much about NUS Business School!