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The Swords of Night and Day, by David Gemmell


Although this is the last book of the Drenai series (none of which I’ve read) – it’s a perfectly fine read on its own. One really has to thank David Gemmell for keeping his series books more or less independent.

This fantasy tale revolves around the resurrection of two legendary millennia-old heroes to fight the evils of the day. A very nicely woven plot with political intricacy, very little magic (which I like) and amazing duel and war descriptions. Even though he writes a full story in an individual book, Gemmell always makes his stories seem reasonably significant and impactful.

Because this story is told partly from the point of view of a thousand year old hero, the book manages to create a relatively new perspective on the whole business of what good and evil mean, and what it really means to “destroy” evil. If I go on, I’ll be revealing the plot, so let me stop here.

Safe enough to say that he’s definitely a fantasy writer with a difference, and you’ll really enjoy the book if you like reading fantasy.

Rating: 4/5

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