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A million distros? Bring ’em on

Reproducing here my rather longish comment on this rant on LinuxDevCenter about there being so many Linux distributions. I think you ignore the benefits of having the thousand and one linux distros around. First, all of these distros are in the end attempts to do something _different_. Puppy Linux was one of the first ones […]

Starring in a comic

From the latest Joy of Tech, this guy is totally me!

Good bye, Apple Computer

It’s just been announced minutes ago. Apple is no longer Apple Computer, Inc. but Apple, Inc. I had a bad feeling about this. When a whole MacWorld goes by and you see no mention of a Mac, things looked that way. In fact I was composing a post in my head with the title “Wasn’t […]

Measuring vi expertise

When you see a blog-post that tells you how to fix cursor keys not working properly in vi on Solaris, and you think: “Why is someone using cursor keys in vi?” …that’s when you know you’ve reached a reasonably advanced level of vi usage. Because just last year, you found yourself cursing the whole w-b-e-f-h-j-k-l […]

Wish list for Macworld 07

The yearly feast for the Mac fanatics, MacWorld San Francisco is around the corner. On January 9th we will know which of the wild rumours are true. I don’t want an Apple phone, I couldn’t care less about the iTV, true video iPods don’t interest me and neither do cinema displays with built-in webcams. I’m […]

Bullying – the new corporate mantra

If you’re a small-time business operator and move into a seedy neighbourhood, you probably wouldn’t feel too surprised to see a ruffian walking up to you one day and demanding that you pay his gang some protection money, or “hafta”, as they call it in India. These days, however its not ruffians but chairmen and […]

Free cell phone? No thanks

Google wants to give you free, ad-supported mobile phones (via). I think it’s a lousy idea. A mobile phone is essentially an interrupt device, and not a leisure device. I use my phone either when I’m reminded that I need to call or SMS someone, or when I get an interrupt from the device itself […]

Thought for the day

Software bugs cause you to believe in a higher power… that likes to mess with your life.

The Economist reviews IE7

And predicts that it might have a hard time ahead: After five years of frustration, the 600m of us around the world who, out of sheer laziness, ignorance or corporate decree, find ourselves dependent upon Internet Explorer―the Microsoft web browser that comes pre-installed on every Windows-based computer―have finally been granted some relief. Has the wait […]

Fedora Core 6 is out!

Torrents here.