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Safari meets the Jungle

Mike Elgan has written a wonderful piece in MacWorld analyzing the appearance of Safari for Windows. From the article: The insular Apple universe is a relatively gentle place, an Athenian utopia where Apple’s occasional missteps are forgiven, all partake of the many blessings of citizenship, and everyone feels like they’re part of an Apple-created golden […]


For the first time since removing “Computer” from their name, Apple Inc. has shown us they mean business, finally releasing MacBook Pros that make my mouth water. How sad is it that I can’t even think of affording one! Santa-Rosa support has been offered by almost all other manufacturers for a while now, so it […]

Cool and wicked

If you own a Mac, you have got to try this out: a software called Nocturne by the same people who made QuickSilver. The software does a very simple thing – inverts your entire screen, giving the appearance of night vision. Looks great. Not only that, it is actually effective when using the computer in […]

Dell and the time of the Linux desktop

So, Dell is finally going to be offering computers with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled, and there are rumours that HP, Lenovo, Toshiba et. al. will follow suit. And of course, the Linux world is in celebration and is saying, “The Linux Desktop is for real. Linux has proven that it can compete in the same league […]

CS grad student’s inductive law of compulsive failure

You can never get anything right the first time. Every next try is the first time you’re trying to get the previous attempt right. By induction, no matter what you try to do, you’re doomed to failure :)

Wisdom from Stroustrup

There are just two kinds of languages: the ones everybody complains about and the ones nobody uses. — Bjarne Stroustrup, designer and creator of C++, in an interview to Technology Review.

Firefox 3.0 to offer offline web application support

From PC World: Perhaps most exciting could be Firefox’s ability to support writing an e-mail in, for example, Gmail while offline, with the data sent later when a user is connected to the Internet again. Ultimately, Mozilla engineers are aiming for an integration between the browser and Web-based services that is as smooth running as […]

The Mac – two years on

Two years ago, I decided I was tired of Windows. I was already running Linux full time at lab, part-time at home, and nearly full-time on my trusty old Thinkpad T23. And so I did something that, back then, was quite unheard of – I started thinking about switching to a Mac. I knew not […]

Compiling subversion on x86_64

I think if there’s a technology equivalent of the poverty line, it should be having to live without subversion. Yet when I logged into a compute node assigned to us since we started clamouring for clock cycles, the first thing I see is: “bash: svn: command not found”. Ouch. What did I do to deserve […]

TiddlyWiki hack – blog plugin

I use TiddlyWiki to maintain a journal about my daily research work. It serves very well because all the journal data is kept in a single html file, which is viewable on any platform using Firefox – hence it’s far easier to put in version control. Anyhow, one thing was lacking – I wanted a […]