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Category Archives: linux

Using gmail as KDE’s default mail client

I found this script which, when set as your default mail client, opens up a gmail compose window from KDE apps instead of KMail. I had a couple of problems with the automatic browser detection of the script, though, so I simply set the BROWSER variable to “firefox” instead of the command in the script. […]

Heart in mouth

This is how Linux keeps you on your toes. I did a “yum update” on my system, and after that yum stopped working. Ouch. The error I was getting was this: There was a problem importing one of the Python modules required to run yum. The error leading to this problem was: No module named […]

Good-bye, Ubuntu

The title says it all. Earlier this week, I tried to install OpenSSH with Kerberos authentication support for Dapper, using apt-get of course. Doing so broke my system miserably. Package ssh-krb5 was installed but not configured and it gave me an error saying it couldn’t stop the currently running SSH service. However, SSH stopped working […]

Moving /usr to another partition

I recently discovered that my Ubuntu root directory was getting uncomfortably tight from a space perspective (I’d allocated about 6 GB, /home of course lives on a separate partition). The culprit, du soon told me, was /usr, eating up as much as 4 gigs of space. I guess thats because I’ve installed tons of apps, […]

Installing Ubuntu

I installed the latest version of Ubuntu Linux 6.06 recently. Partly because of the hype, and partly because I was getting slightly irritated/bored with the Fedora installation on my desktop. And partly, I guess, I was due a new OS install sometime soon. I considered installing Windows Vista (whose public beta is available from Microsoft), […]

Spell-check in Vim 7

One of the best new features in Vim 7 is built-in spell-check (although plugins for spellcheck have been available earlier). With spell-check, I can now use Vim exclusively for editing text formatted files – latex, blog entries and the like – in addition to code. Here’s a quick look at the various spell checking features. […]

amaroK gripes

The best audio player on Linux (for me) is XMMS. That is a sad state of affairs, since I really would like to use a player with more organizational capabilities like playlists et. al. A lot of people recommended amaroK as “the latest and greatest” audio player for Linux, and so I proceeded to download […]

How insecure can an OS be?

Avyakt recently compared Microsoft Windows and women. In the same vein, I recently found out what an insecure OS Windows can be. I recently gave in to temptation and bought a 250 GB hard drive (only S$150!) and decided I might as well give in to my gamer urges as well, and proceeded to install […]

Mac OS X vs. Linux

A friend of mine, whom I convinced to switch to a Mac is now switching back to Linux on an Intel-based laptop. Although it took me a long time to come to this conclusion, but I find myself agreeing that with his requirements, Linux wins hands down in favour of OS X. Since I’ve pretty […]