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The great Indian landscape

It stretches as far out as the eye can see. Expansive plains, or humbling mountains. Refreshingly green, or majestically arid. Devoid of human touch, or dotted with huts and farms. Seen in an instant as it passes by, or soaked up over hours by those who sit and stare. And never forgotten. Silent. The occasional […]

Malshej Ghat road trip

Took a delightful road trip to Malshej Ghat on Sunday. The road was good all the way, which was a very pleasant surprise. It was also immensely green nearly all of the way, which was even better. As you can see, roads in rural India have to be shared by certain VIPs. In my opinion […]

Reservations – Nothing logical about it

It seems strange that with the country so widely divided up on the reservations issue, the entire elected Indian Parliament should pass the reservations bill with near unanimity. Doesn’t quite strike me as the democratic move – oh wait, but it is. Democracy is also about getting votes at the expense of the people if […]

On development in India

The Hindu today carries an extremely articulate interview with Arundhati Roy, which begins by talking about the Narmada Dam issue, but ultimately addresses the larger scope of the costly “developmental” strategies being employed in India. Q: Given the relentlessness of the onslaught of globalisation, would you say your views paint you into a small corner? […]

Awesome National Anthem video


Protests in Armenia over Indian student’s death

An Indian student in an Armenian university recently fell from his dorm window and died, allegedly due to to negligence by emergency services and university administration – who prevented his friends from giving him first aid, asking them to wait until an ambulance arrived… which was 45 minutes later. This has led to huge protests […]

The meritocracy argument – lost in repetition?

The reservation and the quota system have long been a subject of debate in India. With the recent announcement of imminent increases in reservations for IITs and IIMs, the topic is very much in circulation again. Yet somehow, there’s a difference. Unlike the passionate and vociferous response to the Mandal Commission, the voices this time […]