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Life’s little glitches

Scene I Doctor’s waiting room. Electronic queueing system in place. My number – 184. 179 through 183 go by, ever so slowly. The next beep comes and I get up in anticipation, but the display shows nice round figures: 0000 in room 2. Nobody goes into room 2. Now, this is what happens when you’ve […]

Playing God with Scheme

Pretty sensitive issue this – whether man should be allowed to play God or not. I was a debater once, and I’ve pretty much debated this with dozens of arguments from each side. One thing you can’t argue with, though: playing God is fun. I was playing around with Scheme today (for the uninitiated and/or […]

Interior decoration for grad students, Part 2

The bedroom (Click for larger image)

Interior decoration for grad students, Part 1

The desk (Click for larger image)

fortune, growl and Mac goodness

Just realized that unix fortune goodness is available on Mac OS X quite simply by typing: fink install fortune-mod (Fink can be obtained here). And of course, it can all be combined with growl goodness to produce this: Quite neat, eh? Well it’s quite simple, all you need is growlnotify, and to write a simple […]

Gyan from Mission Impossible III

A bullet fired from a handgun acts as the perfect countermeasure to a modern guided missile that’s coming after a helicopter. It is possible to inject a time-bomb the size of a bullet right in the middle of someone’s brain and leave absolutely no physical trace on the person. Within a few seconds. An electric […]

Thunderbird, etc.

I have been looking to a way to link Thunderbird and Growl for showing me mail notification messages for a while now. Thanks to this post, I was able to get it working today. One issue I faced that I have four mail accounts in Thunderbird and I don’t care about three of them, but […]

Some things are priceless

Microsoft has recently launched a site for open-source related blogs and news. The first post I saw when I got there was from the project manager for Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab, Kishi Malhotra. His first post introduces himself and his work: My full name is Harvinderpal Singh Malhotra and somehow “Kishi” was chosen as […]

Lord of the geeks

Spotted on <sceadu> i really need to figure out how to use a debugger in emacs <iank> pfft, how could you *not* know? <iank> It’s just ctrl+alt+meta+f7+numlock+c+e+m+< <iank> Hell, you could discover that by accident in emacs..

April Fools

At the end of April 1st, I guess the score is 1-1. One that didn’t fool me was an SMS that was going around saying “Call me. Urgent” on the first page and only when you scrolled down did you read the joke. This one didn’t fool me – mostly because someone else had told […]