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FBPNN: Federer victory literally heavenly

We’re proud today to bring you a story that confirms what our most loyal readers have long suspected – we have sources and connections at the highest levels. In our efforts to bring you the best fake but possible news, we decided to follow up on a rumour at the head honcho’s office – thats […]

Why I love the Economist

From a recent article about the Shilpa Shetty issue in the UK: British celebrity culture is tolerant: ethnic minorities and homosexuals feature prominently. And it is democratic: no discernible talent is needed to enter the aristocracy of celebrity. If there’s better way of targeting both democracy and aristocracy in such a compact fashion, I don’t […]

Starring in a comic

From the latest Joy of Tech, this guy is totally me!

Measuring vi expertise

When you see a blog-post that tells you how to fix cursor keys not working properly in vi on Solaris, and you think: “Why is someone using cursor keys in vi?” …that’s when you know you’ve reached a reasonably advanced level of vi usage. Because just last year, you found yourself cursing the whole w-b-e-f-h-j-k-l […]

The Mac guy goes out

Word is out that the Mac guy, Justin Long will no longer be doing commercials for the Apple “get a mac” series. The PC guy though, will still be around. Perfect time for a new PC ad: Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. PC: And I’m a PC. Say, you’re the second Mac aren’t you? Mac: […]

Never forget geometry again

<Goat25> what is the volume of a pizza of radius z and thickness a ? <Goat25> answer: pi z z a How much better can bash get?

The scariest thing about the Zune

Arstechnica has a preview of the Zune: on the rear of each Zune, in small inscription on the bottom next to the serial number, is a message: “Hello from Seattle.” Maybe this is just irrational, Microsoft-dreading old me, but this one really freaks me out!

Fight Night

Is it sadistic to be amused as two developers fight?

Dear Apple Computer

Today, you’ve thrilled the world. You’ve added battery life, capacity, movies and games to the iPod. So the teeming fans can waste their time in ever-more productive ways. You’ve made the iPod nano go pink, and anyone with the remotest inkling of taste go pale. The girls will sigh, and the boys will cry. You’ve […]


I’m sure there must be a reason to decorate the trees on Orchard road with white-dotted red cloth. Except I can’t for the life of me figure it out. The best answer I can come up with is – to educate people. Like this.