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Weekend media notes

Saw ‘Visual Acoustics – The modernism of Julius Schulman’. Fantastic documentary about a fabulous man. He’s one of the best known architectural photographers of the 20th century; and covered much of America’s modernist architecture. His dedication to his work, brilliant ideas, curiosity, humour and vitality even in ripe old age are inspirational. Not to mention the absolutely stunning photography.

Last week’s New Yorker (the May 16th edition) has a couple of delightful articles related to the tech industry. One is “The Creation Myth”, written by Malcolm Gladwell, which uses the evolution of the computer mouse from invention to commercialization as the backdrop for a discussion of how inventors (Douglas Engelbart), researchers (Xerox PARC) and entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs) contribute to the growth of a product. The other is “The Fun Factory”, which is about life at Pixar; probably the best place to work on the planet. Animation movie-making, history and technology are discussed but what I came away with was just how much these guys love their work and the incredible attention to detail that goes into it. I recently went to a Pixar exhibition and picked up this book on Pixar and I’d highly recommend that as well. Sadly, neither of the New Yorker articles is viewable subscription free.

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