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Welcome, Macbook

So it is finally here.

No surprises, so I guess the excitement from my part is muted. At 13.3 inches and 1280×1024 pixels, Core Duo processor, integrated iSight, Apple remote, Front row, and DVI output with extending display capabilities, it sure beats the hell out of the iBook it replaces. The only sad part – onboard Intel GMA950 graphics. I wish they had put in a half-decent video card instead. But well, one can’t have everything. But oh, wasn’t that what Apple was for? Never mind.

Sad bit – it replaces the 12″ Powerbook as well, the Pro line of laptops will only have the 15″ and 17″ Macbook Pros it would seem. Fair enough, I would say, given that there is no place in between the specs of the Macbook and the Pro line to fit in a small Powerbook/Macbook Pro, but I still wish they’d kept it. My laptop now becomes not only obsolete, but extinct.

Apparently Apple wants users to pay a premium for the black version – it comes in as the highest end model, with only only a 20 GB hard drive extra over a similar white model, yet the high end black model goes for a good US$200 more than the high-end white model (a low-end white model is available for US$1099).

Ladies and gentlemen, take out your wallets.